4S Furry Mount for Sanken COS 11

  • Reduces noise in windy conditions
  • 2 sided tape quickly mounts your COS 11 to clothing or skin
  • Low profile and easy to conceal
  • Eco-friendly multi use

Available Colors: Black, White

The Story

I was working with a UK sound mixer a couple of years ago on a very windy location shoot. He showed me how he used a bit of fur material and double stick tape to mount his Sanken COS 11. I thought it was a great idea. I got to thinking, how do you keep from damaging the fur after several uses like other single use brands. I also liked the flat profile of his mount as opposed to round bulky profiles, which are difficult to mount and hide without tearing the fur apart.

I designed a rubber mount and attached some fur to it and created the 4 Seasons Furry Mount. The furry side buffers the mic element and the flat rubber side is for mounting to clothing or skin. It’s great for reducing noise in windy locations. The mounting side never touches the fur so you can use your favorite double stick adhesive over and over again. It’s fast, effective, eco-friendly and most of all very easy to use.

Hope you like it!