I want you to know that I love your Vamp Clips! I showed them to 3 other sound mixers who immediately bought some for themselves. The last mixer I showed them to was booming for me yesterday and he complained about using vamps saying that they never worked for him. We were shooting Kobe Bryant for a Nike commercial and he taped the COS11 to the back of Kobe’s t-shirt but it was making a bunch of noise plus it was coming off, Kobe was delivering a line then turning for a fast break and dunking the ball. I asked him to use your Vclip which he reluctantly did and it was perfect! Kobe sounded GREAT delivering his line and on the fast break and dunk all we heard was feet on the court, ball bounces and the net! It was awesome! Just so you know I’ve been pinning the Vclip to the seam on the inside collar front and center. Thanks again for a great product!

Tim Hays
Sound Mixer – Planet 00:00:03 Sound Co.

The Vclip has been a great addition to my COS 11 mounting kit. It’s certainly one of the fastest to mount, produces very little clothing noise compared to Sanken’s rubber mount, & the HF boost that the standard Vclip creates is particularly handy when using the COS 11 under wardrobe. It’s often the first mount I turn to.

Jason Creasey
Composer & Sound Recordist, London, UK

For many years I used the Tram TR-50 mostly because of the vampire clip, and pretty good sound. I held back on buying the Sankens, which I did but I really missed the vampire clip of the Trams. Then upon seeing an ad in the RAMPS I ordered some right away. Now I have the best of both worlds. Thank You Percy

Don Howell
Sound Mixer

My under clothing microphone of choice is the Sanken COS 11. It just sounds great and at last someone has come up with a way to quickly apply the microphone undercover, I mainly work on documentaries and in that game time is money, so now I can, using the Vclip very quickly, firmly and reliably apply them, even better I recently purchased the windshield version of the Vclip for when I am out in high wind, give them a try, you wont regret it, they just work.

James Butler
UK Sound Recordist